Chabe Sambal Chili - Sriracha<br>(Case: 12 bottles)
Chabe Sambal Chili - Sriracha
(Case: 12 bottles)


CHABÉ Sambal Chili - Sriracha

Eat FlavorliciouslyHot. Add depth of flavor & satisfying heat with our family recipe that blends fresh Cayenne & Bird's Eye chili peppers harvested from the fertile Indonesian mountain-sides and fresh whole garlic. Relive what the early inhabitants of Southeast Asia experienced when they first tasted Sambal.

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  • No MSG
  • No Artificial colors or flavors
  • Robust condiment and add-on to soups stews, burgers, tacos, pizza, and anything else.
  • Made with whole fresh Cayenne and Bird's Eye chili peppers, fresh whole garlic.


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